Wild & Edible Cinnamon Face Scrub


  • Wild & Edible Cinnamon Face Scrub
  • Wild & Edible Cinnamon Face Scrub

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There's a little story behind the new Wild & Edible Cinnamon Face Scrub. I've been trying to perfect this recipe for some time now.

A while back I had tried a product from a high end brand at Sephora beauty shop that was super expensive but also full of unnatural ingredients. The one thing that had originally attracted me to this product was that it had cinnamon inside. I loved how fresh and clean my face felt after using it, and how I glowed!

I wasn't too keen to continue using this product not only because it was expensive but because there were other non natural ingredients inside. I had decided to try and experiment making my own natural version of the scrub.

It took a bit of time exploring different recipe combinations. I tested it out with friends and family. Some times little things make a huge difference. For example the first round- I did not powder the cinnamon fine enough and it actually created inflammation and redness because it was too coarse for the skin. Once I started making the cinnamon a soft powdery grind, it was divine!

I'm very excited now to have gotten the recipe down pact! I wasn't going to put it out there till I was 100% happy with the results and had friends and family confirm aswell that it makes the skin glow!. I have to say I really love it - and even more so than the expensive original brand I was using because it works just as well but I feel much better knowing I'm using only natural on my skin. So easy you can make it yourself too.

All natural Raw organic ingredients. So natural it's edible!


Ingredients: Raw Honey, Organic Almond Flour, Cinnamon & Spring Water

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