Bombilla - Tea Filter Straw


  • Bombilla - Tea Filter Straw
  • Bombilla - Tea Filter Straw
  • Bombilla - Tea Filter Straw

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BomBilla - Tea Filter Straw 

Holiday Gift Packaged

Comes With Box

+ Free Travel Sample of Yerba Matte Tea

A Bombilla is a filtered straw used for drinking loose leaf tea. Rather than keep your tea confined in a teabag or filter, add the leaves directly to the cup with the Bombilla & add hot water. This method of steeping provides great flavour & so fun to sip too!

We believe that anyone serious about their herbal tea should consider acquiring a Bombilla. This ancient device is a healthful, convenient, and effective method devised for sipping herbal tea preparations. When herbs are left to float unrestricted in hot water they release more of the important nutrients and antioxidants.

Healthful & Convenient
Filter loose tea as you sip
Enjoy Yerba Mate traditional style
MORE nutrients and antioxidants

Sip any loose tea on the go!

Measures 6.75 inches in length. Stainless Steel Filter can be detached for cleaning

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