Chlorella Powder


  • Chlorella Powder
  • Chlorella Powder

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Chlorella vulgaris Beij.
Plant Family: Chlorophyceae

Chlorella is a single celled algae that some scientists believe may be among the Earth's oldest living organisms, but it was only in the 1960's that Japanese scientists began to study chlorella as a tool of good health. Natural health enthusiasts know chlorella well as an excellent source of general nutrition. The Chlorella offered by Back To Eden has a cracked outer cell wall which is broken by a high impact cryogenic jet-spray process that pulverizes the algae wall for enhanced digestibility. It is grown in outdoor secluded ponds in one of Japan's two primary reef areas and is fully protected from industrial pollutants.


The powder can be added to water, drinks and smoothies, or may also be made into capsules or extracts.

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